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There’s nothing I can do about it …

When anger rises about an injustice or betrayal you have suffered, it’s easy to get into a thought circle. It ends up with you believing there’s nothing you can do about it, until the anger rises again.

Perhaps the person you are angry with has moved on, blocked you or even died. The anger and resentment just won’t go away despite the person not being in your life anymore. This can happen for recent events or events that have happed in our past – sometimes years before.

If the anger has been bubbling for a long time, it can sometimes be redirected towards something or someone else, so its important to reflect on the source of the anger and the event that happened. This isn’t an easy task and so talking to someone else can help to do this. It can be a counsellor or a trusted friend or relative. Keep the topic specific to your feelings around this even if they seem irrational and out of character.

Once you have identified the source – you can get creative! Get a pen and paper (or your computer) or a voice recorder and start creating a story about what you wish would have happened. Anything goes, so really imagine a scene where things happen differently to your original memory and go to town. Be as detailed as you like, add dialogue, be descriptive and add new characters.

As the story develops devise a different ending. Perhaps new people appear to help you or perhaps you develop super-powers. Be creative and don’t worry if your grammar and spelling (or pronunciation) aren’t perfect. This is your story and you have complete control over how it goes.

If you want to take your creativity to the next level, draw the characters or scenes, make a comic book and add speech bubbles.

Gauge your feelings when you have finished. How do you feel about the original event or person? Has your anger or pain reduced? Perhaps you can write about that too.


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