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Sex addiction

You may wonder if you have an addiction to sex or pornography, in reality it doesn't matter what label we place on it. But if you are struggling with sexual behaviour that is impacting your relationships, finances, health or life in a negative way, you can find help.


You may feel your behaviour is out of control and you have tried to stop but failed or it may be that your partner has discovered your secret activities. Whatever your reasons for seeking help you have made the first step towards recovery. 

If your partner is a sex addict you will be be suffering the traumatic effects of discovery and will benefit from counselling to receive the support and treatment required to overcome the pain and devastation addiction can cause.

Whether you are suffering with this issue, or your partner is, contact me to arrange an initial consultation.


I am a member of ATSAC (The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity).


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Sex Addiction Therapy

Alongside my core approaches, I use a more directive style to guide you through recovery. Therapy for sex addiction typically takes longer and requires additional support.

Aspects of the programme include:

  • Full personalised assessment

  • Education on the neuroscience of addiction

  • Relapse prevention techniques

  • Written exercises

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