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Is online counselling for you?

Online Counselling

Have you ever thought about seeing a counsellor online? You may think it would be difficult to form a true therapeutic relationship. But in fact, it’s becoming a very popular and effective way to access counselling. There are a few ways to do this; an email exchange or real time chat.

The advantage of this is the ability to re-read passages from the counsellor and really absorb the messages and language used. Using email can be a way to explore hidden parts of ourselves that we aren’t ready to show in the real world. An example of this would be someone struggling with gender identification and perhaps experimenting with being someone of the opposite sex in therapy.

It also opens up help to people who would find it hard to meet face to face. Perhaps if you are suffering from extreme anxiety and unable to leave the house or if you are hearing impaired and talking therapy would be extremely difficult.

So many of us now use forums and chat rooms to find support and friendship, online counselling can be an extension of this when specific help is needed and the issue is personal or sensitive.

Some counsellors offer a packaged number of emails over a set period or a real-time chat for an hour a week using a suitable app. The sessions are still completely confidential and are covered by an agreed contract. We all need to be careful when working online and so it’s really important to make sure you have some quiet time and that no-one else can access your device.

If you think this may be something you’d like to try, search online for guidelines and suitably trained counsellors. The great thing is you are not restricted to counsellors in your area – you can find a counsellor that suits your needs anywhere in the world!

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