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Don't hold it inside

Talking to another person about what you are thinking or worrying about is always beneficial. Holding our thoughts and feelings to ourselves can sometimes build up and cause physical health

issues as well as stress and anxiety.

Pet Therapy

If you have a trusted friend or family member, reach out and ask them if you can talk to them. If you feel as though you have no-one you can trust with your feelings, then using a helpline works just as well. It might be an opportunity to contact an old friend who isn’t in your day-to-day life. Just saying the words out loud can release us from the burden of carrying emotions inside.

Sometimes the fear of being judged can prevent us from talking to someone else, and so seeking a listening ear from an impartial source is important. Even talking to your pet would work. Speaking the words help to organise our thoughts and help put them back into perspective.

Also, writing down our thoughts in a journal can reap the same benefits, just take a pen and paper and start writing. No need to check the spelling or grammar, the purpose is to get the information out. You can always destroy the paper once you’re done if you are worried someone might read it.

If you are worrying excessively or suffering symptoms of anxiety – remember it won’t just go away – you’ll need some help to manage it. That could be talking to someone, learning some relaxation techniques or it could be professional help from a doctor or counsellor.

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