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Time for a clear out?

I know its summer but what about a spring clean? I’m not talking about the house you live in but a spring clean for yourself. Thoughts and activities that you do sometimes become habits that you take for granted and so sitting down and really considering what you enjoy and want in your life can be a good starting point to make some positive changes.

Writing a list of all the things you love about yourself sounds like a difficult thing to do, but no-one else is going to read it – you’re allowed to brag! If you are struggling, consider what you like in other people, who makes you feel relaxed, who makes you laugh, who do you like spending time with and why? You might then realise that you have some of these qualities too – we often gravitate towards people like ourselves. Once you have your list, you can start to consider the things you don’t like about yourself. Do you gossip about others, are you always honest about what you want to do? Do you spend enough time relaxing, eating healthy food and enjoying nature? Maybe you can start to write a list of things you need to throw out.

Making changes requires a bit of risk taking, you might try a new opinion or thought and then realise its not for you after all. That’s OK, be kind to yourself when you fail and then re-evaluate. Talk to yourself like a good friend and forgive yourself for your mistakes.

Once you’ve had a spring clean, be grateful for what you have and recognise the control and choice you have within your power. You can choose how you look at life and how you respond to situations even if you cannot control everything that happens. Confidence is trusting that you can handle difficult situations and still be OK, so being honest with yourself is a good quality to keep in your shiny new “house”.

Look after it and keep it tidy, the only person who will live there for the rest of your life is YOU.


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